it hurts to be so hated by the one person whos supposed to love you unconditionally.

Me: *after an argument with my mom about issues ive been having in school* maybe if you could just take me to a psychiatrist and get me a proper diagnosis-
Mom: thats still no excuse for this. sometimes you have to just power through things without knowing the name of it.
Me: "sometimes you have to just power through your cancer without knowing the type you have so you cant get treated properly and the whole time im going to treat you like shit for being unable to function normally and not having grown out of your cancer phase yet"


Have you ever been sent to our room and then you can hear your mom complaining about you from the other room and you just want to hit your head off the wall.

I sometimes hate my mom
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no mom its okay yell at me all you want I obviously need more stress


I wonder what’s it like having a good relationship with your parents

Don’t bring a child to the world, if you can’t be there for them..
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My mother will forever be the number one reason that I want to commit murder or suicide.


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My mom: You need to focus on school and not other stuff, this year it's much harder.
My mom: I don't care if you have too much school work, you're doing this other thing for me first.
My mom: You are fat and look deformed and disgusting.
My mom: Why are you eating so little here have 10 kg of extra rice.
My mom: You don't have time to go do sports outside, go back to your school work.
My mom: Why are you going to do extracurricular arts and club service activities you have to do chores and stuff they will take away your homework time too.
My mom: How dare you go outside with your friends you haven't done your homework yet!!!
My mom: Ugh you never go outside it's because you're an antisocial autistic bitch.
My mom: Why aren't you doing a million hours of community service you need to build a college application profile!!
My mom: Go to bed early you can't stay up so late doing homework!
My mom: You know what I see that you're trying your best and I will crush your spirit by telling you everything you're doing is wrong.